Love is often felt at the very beginning of intimacy. When it is just a tiny subtle twinkle between souls. Then when need takes over, we entangle in resistance of old pain that always seems to lurk in the dark corners of the soul projecting itself like laser beams shooting all the love away into the unknown abyss of consuming, in order to save yourself from abandonment.
Only in separation, suddenly, the subtleties of that very beginning are felt again often together with an unimaginable shield of pain and loss which drives us back into our caves of contemplation.
Never forget your beginnings. For they hold the key.


Perhaps how we would approach extraterrestial intelligence, which would be with a lot of patience and intelligence to understand their intentions, is how we should approach people with autism.

As long as we see ourselves as Human Beings we won’t be able to let go our rigid biased Human views.

But when we would see ourselves as Sentient Beings…
Perhaps then we can recognize fully other Sentient Beings.

Perhaps then we realize we can not label them…

Or eat them.

In a cold night

When you fall in love often,
You want to feel loved,

Because only when you feel loved,
you can learn to love yourself.

And this can cause great trauma
and turmoil in relationships.

Seeking the love we should have
felt as a child…

But… if you can remember
If only it was one small memory
Of feeling being really loved
By someone, when you were
just a kid.

You can hold on to this memory,
Warm yourself into its essence.
Until your heart is quiet, and serene

And others with the same energy
Light up like warm fires in a cold night.
They’ve always been there,
And will always be there…

Like you.